Group Therapy

Breaking the Silence:

A Group for Woman who have experienced the trauma of sexual or physical assault


Healing from trauma is a courageous act. I specialize in past traumas in an environment that is safe and honoring of each client’s unique journey towards healing. Research tells us that after working through the initial crisis, group therapy is extremely helpful in moving forward in your recovery from sexual abuse.

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Following an initial screening intake, our Group will meet on Mondays from

6–7:30 pm beginning February 2, 2015 for sixteen weeks.

Location: 12750 SW 2nd St. Suite 204 Beaverton, OR 97005


Initial Screening $150.00 for a 2 hour assessment

Group Rate: Paid in advance is $40.00 per group session…$400.00

Group Rate: Paid weekly is $50.00 per group session…$500.00


Please contact me to schedule your screening intake appointment at 503- 469- 9666 or

Email me:


I am looking forward to helping you in your healing journey.


“Where there’s hope, there’s life.
It fills us with fresh courage and makes us strong again.”
By Ann Frank